Case Study:
Reflect the Excitement of your Event through it’s Branding

If you’re not seeing as much attention given to your event as you’d like, try projecting your excitement through its branding

For one day each year NYU Alums are invited to their alma mater to reconnect and reminisce. When their alumni association wanted to inject new life into the event, and project that to their prospective attendees, they tasked us with creating a visual campaign that embodied this excitement. We ended up designing a new logo for the event along with a visual identity system that would permeate through various print and digital collateral.


The logo presented a unique challenge in this situation as NYU is such a scattered campus. There isn’t a single building that could serve as a universal symbol for all alumni’s college experience. After some digging we realized that there was a quintessential New York landmark that could serve as the focal point of the campaign; the Washington Square arch.

Once the primary identity is decided on, it’s important to document all the decisions like fonts, colors and symbols so that all communications created for the event shares a consistent look. This makes your mailers, emails or social media posts instantly recognizable.

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