Founded in 2001 in Savannah Georgia, we’ve since partnered with hundreds of B2B and B2E companies to improve how they communicate with their audience. We do this through carefully crafted messaging that’s structured around what their audience needs to see and hear, delivered in the most compelling way possible. That kind of success takes a well-thought-out strategy, an eye for attention-grabbing visuals, combined with knowledge of the technology that makes delivering those messages consistently on any device.


So whether it’s educating employees, attracting site selectors, or figuring out the best technology needed to support your communication goals, let’s see how we can help you.


Our approach to everything we do is summed up in our credo:

  • We believe challenges are best tackled with upside-down thinking.
  • We believe designing for the greater good is our biggest challenge.
  • We believe the best solutions are beautiful to look at.

Our Team

Susan Isaacs

Principal / Managing Partner

Philp Joyner

Principal / Technical Director

Andrew Davies

Principal / Creative Director

Alison Christie

Project Manager

James Donaldson

Lead Designer

Gregory Yañez

Lead Developer

What our clients say about us

“I wanted to reach out to express our appreciation for the AWESOME explainer video you and your team created for VirginiaNavigator! We are simply thrilled with the finished product, but maybe more importantly for you to know….working with you was such an immense pleasure.”

Adrienne Johnson, Executive Director, VirginiaNavigator

Paragon has worked with the Savannah Economic Development Authority on a wide range of projects from developing, producing and packaging concepts for targeted specialty gift mailings to the design of our latest annual report. They are more than just professional, which is a basic expectation; they are also pleasant to work with. Their creative is always fresh and polished. You could not find higher quality design work, or higher quality people.

Brynn Grant, VP, Savannah Economic Development Authority

We could not be more pleased with the quality and appeal of our updated website. We have received an unprecedented number of “raving” reviews from throughout The Episcopal Church and even throughout the world. Our hit rate has exceeded every expectation.

Michael White (Rector), Christ Church Episcopal Church

Working on the Wicked Opportunities with Paragon was a great experience. It was challenging before we got them involved because we went at with with our own script and concept which was absolutely horrible. They just told us to explain it in our own words, and took that and turned it into something that we’ve shown all over the world and that people instantly understand. Whenever I work with this team, they inspire me to greater creativity.

Frank Spencer IV, Principal, Kedge Futures

Paragon has been awesome! Not only do they know their technology, but they bring ideas to the table (creative, process and technology). And they are dedicated, responsive and sensitive to our deadlines.

Gina Walker, Designer/ Animator, Buck Consultants

Andrew and his team were fantastic to work with from the beginning and we are now using them for other animation projects. They were accessible, responsive and concerned about making sure that we loved our final product. We couldn’t be happier with the results and would recommend them to anyone with an animation project.

Jason Gillespie, Marketing Manager, Sprout Marketing

I rarely take the time to write a review or post my opinion but I’m always the first one to read the feedback. However, this time I wanted to take the time to say, Andrew was amazing! The entire production seemed effortless for him and throughout the project he inspired confidence and was able to capture our vision making it come alive. This was our first video project and Andrew clearly explained the process and accommodated even the pickiest voice over editorial note. Simply put, he’s very talented and easy to work with.

John Guggenmos, Partner, Trading Algos

One of the most professional contractors we’ve ever done business with. Hit every deadline, completely professional, and the final product exceeded our expectations. Would definitely use again.

Julian Clayton, FieldLens

Andrew with Paragon is a real pro. His visuals and sequencing were on point from the start and he worked collaboratively with us to polish everything to our high standards with no complaints. He was consistently ahead of schedule.

Stephen Johnson, Marketing Director, Kabbage

Paragon has a rare combination of design talent, tech expertise, and project management efficiency. The team is clear, thorough, innovative, responsive, and dedicated. They take the work very seriously, but themselves not so much, which makes dealing with them a pleasure.

Mary Siceloff, Marketing Director, Wientraub Tobin

It’s like having an extension to my marketing team. Approachable, friendly, and quick to respond to queries the team at Paragon are a pleasure to work with. They quickly got to grips with our business and what I was trying to achieve, even if I was not so eloquent myself! It definitely helped ease the pain of a tough project and ensured we came out with a great result.

Kelley Hardy, Global Sales & Marketing Director, Public Relations Superstar, QiSoft

Intelligent, creative and intuitive solutions….Truly a breath of fresh air creatively, professionally and personally.

Meg Albertson, Collective Marketing Co.

I have worked with Paragon several times over recent years and find them to be expert in every way. They specialize in getting square pegs in round holes, defeating project monsters like looming deadlines and defying gravity.

Murray Wilson, President, TPS Consulting

Working with Paragon was valuable and money well spent. They compete on the quality of their work and as a testimony it’s that good!

Rad Harrell, President, Talent Soup

During the RFP process, a member of our review committee asked me who created the winning design pitch, an agency from New York or LA? When I replied Paragon was located in Savannah a few eyebrows raised. Paragon delivered a killer package and continues to draw attention to the Creative Coast.

Ray Sams, Creative Director of Programming and Production at TWC.

We didn’t realize how transparent, painless and fun a web project could be until we joined with Paragon. I credit this to the expertise, creativity and professionalism that the Paragon staff possess. Not only was our project completed ahead of schedule but they have been instantly available for minor tweaks as needed since then. Their service and dedication to a great product is unparalleled.

Scott Larson, St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital Systems

We are grateful for the time, attention to detail and professionalism of the Paragon team. Most importantly, they delivered a beautiful portfolio of work and we had a good time doing it.

Trey Reckling, Founder, Academy of Cannabis Science