Creative Strategy

Before we do anything we create a plan so we’re not wasting your time or our effort. This typically involves getting to know your target audience, the goals of your project and how we’re going to measure success.

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Why Paragon?


We’re creatives first, so we value end-user experience as much as your team does. We always strive to balance functionality with form

H4 – Strategy

Ultimately we know effectiveness is what matters. When we work with your team we want to be able to offer up the best recommendations to get better results

H4 – Reliability

With so many plates spinning, the last thing you should be thinking about is if your vendor is going to deliver the right thing and on time. We have dedicated project managers specifically to make sure you don’t have to manage us. And wherever we can, we step in to help your team keep track of milestones as well. We’re a team.

H4 – Security

Much of what we do relies on technology and we always strive to understand who should get access to what, to help secure your clients’ proprietary materials. Every project strategy factors in security where applicable, and redundancy as needed.

Paragon has worked with the Savannah Economic Development Authority on a wide range of projects from developing, producing and packaging concepts for targeted specialty gift mailings to the design of our latest annual report. They are more than just professional, which is a basic expectation; they are also pleasant to work with. Their creative is always fresh and polished. You could not find higher quality design work, or higher quality people.

Brynn Grant, VP, Savannah Economic Development Authority

We could not be more pleased with the quality and appeal of our updated website. We have received an unprecedented number of “raving” reviews from throughout The Episcopal Church and even throughout the world. Our hit rate has exceeded every expectation.

Michael White (Rector), Christ Church Episcopal Church

We are grateful for the time, attention to detail and professionalism of the Paragon team. Most importantly, they delivered a beautiful portfolio of work and we had a good time doing it.

Trey Reckling, Founder, Academy of Cannabis Science

Intelligent, creative and intuitive solutions….Truly a breath of fresh air creatively, professionally and personally.

Meg Albertson, Collective Marketing Co.