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The days of B2B or B2E communications being overlooked and underserved are long gone. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting HR benefits to your employees or attracting investment to your economic region, we believe all audiences deserve the best looking design solutions.

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Why Paragon?


We’re creatives first, so we value end-user experience as much as your team does. We always strive to balance functionality with form

H4 – Strategy

Ultimately we know effectiveness is what matters. When we work with your team we want to be able to offer up the best recommendations to get better results

H4 – Reliability

With so many plates spinning, the last thing you should be thinking about is if your vendor is going to deliver the right thing and on time. We have dedicated project managers specifically to make sure you don’t have to manage us. And wherever we can, we step in to help your team keep track of milestones as well. We’re a team.

H4 – Security

Much of what we do relies on technology and we always strive to understand who should get access to what, to help secure your clients’ proprietary materials. Every project strategy factors in security where applicable, and redundancy as needed.

One of the most professional contractors we’ve ever done business with. Hit every deadline, completely professional, and the final product exceeded our expectations. Would definitely use again.

Julian Clayton, FieldLens

Andrew and his team were fantastic to work with from the beginning and we are now using them for other animation projects. They were accessible, responsive and concerned about making sure that we loved our final product. We couldn’t be happier with the results and would recommend them to anyone with an animation project.

Jason Gillespie, Marketing Manager, Sprout Marketing

Andrew with Paragon is a real pro. His visuals and sequencing were on point from the start and he worked collaboratively with us to polish everything to our high standards with no complaints. He was consistently ahead of schedule.

Stephen Johnson, Marketing Director, Kabbage

Paragon has been awesome! Not only do they know their technology, but they bring ideas to the table (creative, process and technology). And they are dedicated, responsive and sensitive to our deadlines.

Gina Walker, Designer/ Animator, Buck Consultants

I rarely take the time to write a review or post my opinion but I’m always the first one to read the feedback. However, this time I wanted to take the time to say, Andrew was amazing! The entire production seemed effortless for him and throughout the project he inspired confidence and was able to capture our vision making it come alive. This was our first video project and Andrew clearly explained the process and accommodated even the pickiest voice over editorial note. Simply put, he’s very talented and easy to work with.

John Guggenmos, Partner, Trading Algos

During the RFP process, a member of our review committee asked me who created the winning design pitch, an agency from New York or LA? When I replied Paragon was located in Savannah a few eyebrows raised. Paragon delivered a killer package and continues to draw attention to the Creative Coast.

Ray Sams, Creative Director of Programming and Production at TWC.