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One of the most professional contractors we’ve ever done business with. Hit every deadline, completely professional, and the final product exceeded our expectations. Would definitely use again.

Julian Clayton, FieldLens

We didn’t realize how transparent, painless and fun a web project could be until we joined with Paragon. I credit this to the expertise, creativity and professionalism that the Paragon staff possess. Not only was our project completed ahead of schedule but they have been instantly available for minor tweaks as needed since then. Their service and dedication to a great product is unparalleled.

Scott Larson, St. Joseph's/Candler Hospital Systems

Paragon has a rare combination of design talent, tech expertise, and project management efficiency. The team is clear, thorough, innovative, responsive, and dedicated. They take the work very seriously, but themselves not so much, which makes dealing with them a pleasure.

Mary Siceloff, Marketing Director, Wientraub Tobin

Why Paragon?


We’re creatives first, so we value end-user experience as much as your team does. We always strive to balance functionality with form

H4 – Strategy

Ultimately we know effectiveness is what matters. When we work with your team we want to be able to offer up the best recommendations to get better results

H4 – Reliability

With so many plates spinning, the last thing you should be thinking about is if your vendor is going to deliver the right thing and on time. We have dedicated project managers specifically to make sure you don’t have to manage us. And wherever we can, we step in to help your team keep track of milestones as well. We’re a team.

H4 – Security

Much of what we do relies on technology and we always strive to understand who should get access to what, to help secure your clients’ proprietary materials. Every project strategy factors in security where applicable, and redundancy as needed.


At Paragon we’re extremely selective when it comes to the companies we take on as clients. To achieve success (and make magic) we have to be the right fit for our clients and they have to be the right fit for us.


Interested? Let’s see if we’re a good fit.